About Us

We celebrate our diversities and differences

Y-Fem Namibia was founded in 2009, it is a feminist organizing and activist driven organisation that responds in a proactive way through campaigns and one on one leadership development, mentorship of young women and creating safe spaces for girls to use arts to transform their lives take their power back. 
Y-Fem Namibia Trust draws inspiration, knowledge and leadership from the many feminists who have led the way, in Namibian, Africa and globally. These women have recognized and built resistance to all forms of discrimination against and oppression of women. They have built a powerful movement for equality, peace and social justice based on the claim for women’s equal human rights and active citizenship. 

Florence F. /Khaxas

Y-FEM Director


Aïssatou Cisse

In the fight for women to reclaim their voices I have personally pledged to leave no stone unturned.

Allen Sophia

I often find that stigma is informed by ignorance and once people are informed and engaged with, they often appreciate and join the feminist cause.


Amina Mama

The greatest external threat to women (and by extension humanity) is the growth and acceptance of a misogynistic, authoritarian and violent culture of militarism


Hope Chigudu

When I was young, I thought that life of equality, wisdom and justice would be my birthright if only I worked hard at school, excelled, got a good job and a good salary. I was wrong.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

We envision a society in which young women are leaders, and enjoy respect, dignity, bodily integrity, autonomy and choice. 

Our Mission

We fulfil this vision by building the feminist leadership of young women and girls based on sisterhood and solidarity across all our diversities. 

Our Values

Courage, honesty and openness, being inclusive, celebrating our differences and diversity, learning and sharing with each other, solidarity, peace. 

Guiding principles based on a shared understanding of feminism and feminist leadership 

We take up the torch of feminism as a critical tool for understanding why women and young women in our communities and around the world continue to be discriminated against, marginalized and oppressed – despite all the progressive laws and policies that guarantee our rights to dignity, equality, well-being, pleasure and happiness…