Gaining power through self-love

I am Aletta Moses a student at Namibia University of Science and Technology studying computer science majoring in system Administration and am currently doing my internship program at Young Feminists Movement Namibia. I have been with this organisation for almost two months now and throughout this month I have come to understand that as human beings we need to support, strengthen and take care of one another as life is not icing on the cake as there are millions of people out there who need our help and remember that nothing is too little to the one in need. Everyone wants to make a difference in life but they don’t know how or where to begin. Have you ever wondered how love transforms one’s life, the impact, the joy, peace and happiness it brings? It works wonders but how can that love perform miracles if it’s not in you, you can’t give what you don’t have, first love yourself enough that your love may overflow to all parts.

There are many young women out there who can not stand up and speak for themselves yet you are a voice that can take them out of their bondage, that can free them from their depression and hopelessness. Young women are being abused by family members but they can not speak for the same family member who wants to protect their reputation which doesn’t even exist for they have lost it the day they began with those abominable acts. Being from a poor background gives them away.

There is a powerful weapon that kills faster than a bullet and that is a tongue, is a small part of our body but its words are sharper than a two-sided sword. It penetrates deeper into the soul and small by small destroys the inner peace. The unsearched words that we throw to others whether true or not, as long as the way it was delivered was wrong, it will surely kill one’s confidence, dreams and purpose for all the time that word will be speaking in my mind that they are not worthy, not beautiful, they are useless. Few use those as they are climbing stones to make sure that they erase it from their mind but many dwell in the damage that was already created either by a family member, friend, husband, father, mother and so on. Our mind needs to be fed with positive energy and aspiration that will enable us to grow as individuals and as a team. Let’s accommodate our thoughts with useful and meaningful thinking.

Let’s clean our household first before we move to the neighbours. Make use of the platform presented to us to change lives and not to turn them astray, show them the right path and they will follow. Teach them how to fish and not only give them fish to eat.

As a woman you must find a purpose in life, understand it and work it out. The power you carry is more than 10 men put together, with wisdom that humble the wise man and with dominion that dominates every creature in this creation. You are what you decide to be and not the influence nor the difficulty of this world. You are unique and special in your own way, stand up, dress up and show up.

Love is the greatest weapon against hatred and with it you will overcome the world.

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